We'll play your 5 minute set on the radio!

Have you ever wished that your family and friends in another city or state (or country) could hear your comedy set? Or do you want bookers and producers to hear you, but you don't have time to get around to all of the open mics? Well, we can help!

Just email an MP-3 or video (MP-4) of 5 minutes of your best, "sqeaky clean," G-rated material (we are monitored by the FCC, and more importantly KLIQ is a community and family-oriented station; so if you wouldn't want your grandmother, your pastor, or your rabbi to hear it, don't send it) to tickleme@thecomedykliq.com.

Each week our station owner, Devonte Styles, will select 10 sets to be aired on Tuesday night between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on the "Tickle me Tuesdays" show. You will be notified in advance of when your set will air so you can just have all of your fans tune in.


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