The Comedy Kliq, a weekly radio broadcast hosted by sisters, Denise Williamson and Debbie Lewis, is dedicated to building a forum, for comedians and those who love comedy, where they can meet new and veteran comedians and share about all things funny.

Debbie Lewis

Debbie is not a comedian, but she may as well be. She enjoys comedy and you see her at just about every show her sister, Denise, performs in. And, she's the "official keeper of the light" at the montly Comedy on Aviation show in El Segundo, CA.

Debbie is a licensed insurance agent currently working with AFLAC and Farmer Insurance, so if you need a complimentary insurance evaluation or quote for your auto, home or life insurance, just shoot her an email at

Debbie is also an independent distributor of Organo Gold gourmet coffee. Check out her website at



Denise is a stand-up comedian and a workaholic. In addition to being on the Board of Directors of Innocencence Matters, a nonprofit law firm working on behalf of those wrongly convicted of crimes, she co-produces the Comedy on Aviation show on the third Wednesday of each month with her two comedy BFFs ("The Three Amigas"). She has also recently partnered with veteran comedian, Glenn "Hurracane" Peoples to form "Hurracane and 1/2 Enterprises" that will produce The Uptight Senior Citizens Brigade and other comedy shows and events. And, in case that's not enough, Denise has recently become an Organo Gold gourmet coffee distributor and is on a mission to make Organo Gold (the healthy alternative to regular coffee) "The Coffee of Comedians." Check our her website at


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